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Laurence Huddon is the designer with more than 60 years of the design experience. With his love and passion for design, he wants to share the lost knowledge and his design technique to the young designer.

About Laurence T. Huddon

If I were to describe Laurence (Larry), I would call him “the designers designer”

Why do I say this? It is a fact that Larry has always been a servant to his industry.

Many who cannot convey their ideas well on paper, have been lucky to cross Larry’s path because he always helps them shine – expecting little in return. One of Larry’s clients once said to him “Larry you may never be famous, but you have achieved the status of a prah” (monk).

You often help others become famous, and in doing this you are above personal notoriety or fame. Larry always felt that comments like that taken in the right context, were the greatest compliments one could receive. This has always been the most important perspective of his life’s work – helping others to get to the level that he has worked so tirelessly to reach.

Fame was never a significant factor for Larry. His work always shined and his true fulfillment came from the reactions to his work. Money was not the most important thing. His wife once said “You don’t have to love money, you simply need to respect it.” Nevertheless, Larry loves what he does and never gets tired of it. Like a child, he is always surprised by the outcome of his work and that thrill keeps him on the path that he has chosen.

Going back to the beginning of his career, he never thought he had enough talent to reach the level he is presently at. If you would talk to him he will roll his eyes and say, “yes I work well, but there is so much more to learn – and time is growing short’. It is time to share what he has squirreled away for all these years – that being the knowledge that the next generation of designers should have access to. He wants to give that to them now, while it’s still possible to share it.

His beginnings were in the United States of America – a place where dreams are possible, even for a young man of 18 years. Having lost his father and pressured  to really take work seriously, he and his mother applied for work and Larry worked as a stock boy. When he got the taste of the jewelry business, that surely had to be the catalyst to launch his career.

Custom jewelry was quite different then, and Larry’s skill level could not be compared to the level that it is today. All that glue has vanished, and the small building block (his first job in jewelry design) that lasted 4½ years would seal his fate. He was on the career path that would last more than 60 years.

The first 30 years in jewelry design carried Larry through more than 100 companies – he would mention that when people would say “can’t you hold a job?” Well those days are over thank God, and the people he works with today know and trust him in his design skill. Never is ego in the game; Larry is there as a facilitator.

When I work with Larry; and most people will have varying opinions on this, he is a fast starter and really gets involved in the design direction. Being negative isn’t his approach, and he has stated there are times he absolutely hated the project that he was given but much to his surprise that disinterest melted away when his own eyes saw the results of his magical efforts.

When Larry designs for his clients, he is always aware of what the client is trying to find. This manifestation comes in different ways with each and every client. That challenge is always there and Larry thrives on this, He is the invisible man behind their dreams.

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Mr. Huddon is currently designing for companies worldwide. His career began over 60 years ago, and he continues to produce successful products.