Start to Finish

Rough Drawing

When I start a design, most of the time I am looking for direction.

Once the direction is set, the steps are very clear going forward.

There several pendants in this collection.

Simple styling in 3 pieces makes the story interesting.

Clean Up

In the revisions, we bring the idea from the rough drawings onto tracing paper.

Once the drawing is on the tracing paper, 
I use the reverse side (of the tracing paper) to perfect the concept. 

Now it’s ready for transfer to the final draft.

Clean Up & Shading

Once the tracing is complete and I feel satisfied the design is the way I want it, I will transfer it to paper.

After the transfer to paper, the final darkening of the lines is completed.

Next I proceed with the shading to create depth in the drawing.

If I were to add color, I would advise to do the shading after the colored wash is added.

Colored Renderings

Now we are ready to apply color to the design. 

We can use gold or silver wash, then follow through with shading.
Once the shading is complete, I apply the final highlights (in white) to create a metallic look in either silver or gold.
This series illustrates a tailored look.

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Mr. Huddon is currently designing for companies worldwide. His career began over 60 years ago, and he continues to produce successful products.