Rendering in Winsor & Newton Gouache Paints

Ornate earrings:

These 4 earring were designed to present  colored renderings shown in WInsor& Newton Gouache.

 Cretacolor-  Nero pencils, #3 and #1 bring out the full shading to create the elusion of  a polished gold tone finish.

Note that only half of the earrings are finished with startup color wash shown

Long Drop earrings with Enhanced drops:

These 3 drop earrings are a contemporary style. The length of the earring makes the earring have movement and grace

Rendering in Winsor & Newton Gouache

Cretacolor- Nero pencils for shading .

Illustrator Path layout from previous pencil drawings.

Stylish multi layered pendant uniquely interchangeable:

Rendering in Winsor & Newton Gouache paints.

Cretacolor – Nero pencil shading.

Illustrator Path layout from Pencil drawings.

Simple necklace pendants:

The grouping shown here is simple . Creating different styles just by changing the stone layouts.

Winsor & Newton Gouache paints

Cretaclor Nero pencil shading

Lapis Pendant rendering:

With all designs they will begin as a rough idea and through refinements of using the pencil and the brush one can come to a point in the art work that it becomes a small treasure.

High lights and shadow when applied properly can demonstrate a refined presentation.

This layout was constructed using the following.

Pencil rough to Illustrator Path layout

Wash Winsor & Newton Gouache

Final highlights in creating shape of metal Winsor&. Newton Gouache

Shading: Cretacolor Nero Pencil

Herringbone Tailored Necklace:

This classic design takes me back to my very beginning.

I first did this design in Gold tone and it was my first jewelry design that was advertised in a major publication.

We are looking back over 60 years ago and I think that the design is still a classic style.

The construction of a necklace of this kind takes a full understanding of the linking to make it flow properly.

You see the matching bracelet and earrings to this necklace here as well.

Pencil rough to   Illustrator Path layout

Wash Winsor & Newton Gouache

Final highlights in creating shape of metal      Winsor&. Newton Gouache

Shading Cretacolor Nero Pencil

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